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MediaTek Helio X30 future of Android Smartpone

MediaTek Helio X30 future of Android Smartpone

by adminSeptember 28, 2016

 Today’s Mobile generation every person having an mobile phone or Smartphone. With the emerging technology Android OS platform become so popular and now majority market share occupied by android. There are many big brand turn in to mobile production and research business, such as Mediatek Company. Mediatek now launching the Helio X30, Helio P25 and Helio P20 Faster Mediatek Processor which boost your Android smartphone performance. These new processor are replaced with previous processors Helio X20 and Helio P10 chipsets. MediaTek has done bit advanced changes in previous processor and make the latest android phones processor named as Helio X30 , Helio P25 and the Helio P20.

MediaTek manufacturer making a Processor using the incredible cutting edge 10 nm process  FinFET architecture called Helio X30 processor and Using  16 nm process  it will manufactureP20, P25 processor. X30, Helio P25 and the Helio P20 processors are together developed with Mediatek And TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor). In coming future MediaTek are likely to capture all the market in the first zone of 2017.

MediaTek X30 – Technical specs and Features

Mediatek Helio X30  processor is comes with 10 cores chip which commenced with two cortex A-73 clocked at 2.8 GHz, Four cortex A-52 clocked at 2.4 GHz and Four cortex A-35 clocked at 2 GHz architecture which is support Quad core Power GPU.

The processor Mediatek Helio X30 is counted 43% faster than old Gen X-10 SOC processor. The Helio X30 can hold amazing 8 GB of Ram, so we can wait for featuring a Helio X30 with 8 GB of ram for next generation smartphone. The processor and GPU boosted total 43% performance while consuming 53% lesser power.

The Processor is improved expressively in the new Mediatek Helio X30 using the ZXTP-MP4 GPU. The GPU provide 2.4 times graphics performance Compare to the Helio X20 and 200% additional DRAM density together with 4K COS encoding support.

As per an expert report shared on Chinese microblogging (weibo) website Helio X30 has an 160,000 powerful  score on  Antutu which beats comparable to Snapdragon 820 (130,000 Antutu Score) and also Snapdragon 821.

Whereas the helio P20 boosted with P25 which is 20% faster and exhaust25% less power and it supports to LPDDR 4 ram. Both processor are manufactured using 16 nm architecture. The Helio P20, P25 processors are coming with their smarphone which support 4 Gb Or 6 Gb Of RAM there is the big deal with their high performance.

For the Next generation Mediatek powered smartphones with Dual Camera setup. Helio P25 is capable for support to dual camera setup like the iPhone 7.

We anticipated lot of smartphones which made in china like Umi, Meizu, LeEco and Xiaomi this all brand are using these processors to launch in late 2016 and early 2017.

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