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by NachiketMay 30, 2017

NOKIA 6 UNBOXING AND HANDS ON. Guys, You must know that Nokia 6 has been launched for a while, and its cracking walnuts video went viral on social media networks, someone added a caption ‘Beware Apple and Samsung, your daddy is coming back’, hilarious. In case you didn’t see it before, here is a video clip of it.

So, it has been a long time that Nokia 6 was the phone I was eagerly waiting to get my hands on. Luckily we managed to get one from China, and when the device arrived, I wanted to see whether Nokia has done justice in terms of quality and performance or not.

Wow!! Nokia 6

Accessories with Nokia 6 :-

The box in which the device came had a colorful picture of two hands holding each other. It was different from the iconic Nokia handshake logo. Opening the box revealed the beautiful Nokia 6 and underneath were the box content which included an AC adapter, a charging cable and the earphone.


Features of Nokia 6 :-

The phone features a unibody metal design and has a 2.5D screen on the front. The phone is sturdy yet sleek. Powering on the device brought up the “NOKIA” words and the iconic Nokia sound. Hearing the sound brought back a lot of memories. I was amazed looking at the screen as to how beautiful things looked on it. The screen quality is exceptionally good and I could spot the difference easily, the contrast ratio was amazing.

The phone sports a 5.5” 1080P IPS display comprising of 403 PPI, 16 MP rear shooter, 8 MP front facing camera, 32 GB of internal storage, 3 GB of RAM and 3000 mAh of battery. All of this work in unison on the latest Android Nougat 7.1.1. Operations on the Nokia 6 were smooth and the initial impressions were amazing. The Camera is what that did not impress me or I was just expecting much. I am not saying that the camera was bad but it lacked outputting natural colors and colors seemed a little washed out.


Conclusion :-

Not much can be said about the device as of now. We’ll put this device to test against some of the new smartphones like the Redmi Note 4 and the Moto G5 Plus and see how the device performs in real-time. Would you be buying the Nokia 6? Do you think Nokia will shake the smartphone market? What will be the pricing of Nokia 6? Post you thoughts in the comments below, but no, we will not do drop tests or crack any walnuts with it.

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