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by NachiketApril 18, 2017

OMG!! THREE BANDED HEADPHONES FROM RS. 500 ONWARDS..!!! Guys we have today came up with some of the best top 3 headphones which are priced under Rs. 900/- which are described as follows so that the viewers can choose which where they like the most.

1. SONY MDR-ZX110 (RS. 500/-) :-

Sony MDR-ZX110

Here comes the first best headphone. As we know there few audio companies names which we would remember and one of them is Sony. As this brand has made his name from last many years and has proved themselves as a leader when it comes to audio.

Guys, those are looking for a headphone under Rs. 500/- then this can be your choice as it is one of the best headphone in this range. The best amazing part of this headphone is its bass which makes its user to fall in its love. But, defective part of this headphone is that it comes with a low build quality. But, if we see that for this affordable price this can be the best what Sony can manufacture. With this, the headphone also lacks in terms of detail clarity which if too low. But in case if you like more hip hop songs then you will get loving bass. In this case only this could be your choice. This headphone is available on e-commerce site. But, you will only get the best deal for this headphone on Amazon.

2. JBL T300A (Rs. 999/-) :-


As we know, that JBL is the new name in the music industry but it is a tough competitor in this music industry. There are wide range of headphones in JBL. But for the price under Rs. 1000 you get lot more with this headphones. It offers you buttons on the headphone wire which enables you to attend the calls even while listening to your favourite songs. If you guys like clean and unique designed headphones then it can be your choice. The defective part in this headphone is its plastic quality. And the impressive part of this headphone is it gives you a perfect mixture of bass and treble which is fitted very nicely over the head and the cushion of this headphone feels very comfortable. Well, for those users who like a clean and unique design of headphones with a perfect mixture of both bass and treble then it is suggested to have JBL T300A headphone. It is available on all the ecommerce site. But you will get the best deal on Flipkart.

 3. Mi Piston 3 (Rs. 999/-) :-


Well, this earphone is not surely from an audio company but the name in past few years is so famous among all of us as everyone loves it. If we talk about the quality in this affordable price then it can be said it is a mind blowing earphone.

Now in this earphone you will get everything you might be looking for i.e. a perfect unique design, the breaded cable of this earphone makes it more reliable and the build quality of this earphone is supreme. So, guys this can be one of the best option under this price tag and the clarity you will get is amazing which you will also get to know when you will turn on this earphones. And it is seen that once you start using this earphone you won’t give any other headphone a chance. This earphone comes with a premium packing which makes this headphone look as a perfect gift. This earphone gives us best clarity and bass so there is nothing to worry when getting this headphone. It is pretty hard to get this earphone; but you might get it easily through the Mi phone application.


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