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How To Use Facebook Messenger After Deactivating Account

So here we comes with a very helpful tutorial that you will love. As we all knows everyone is Facebook lover and want to stay in touch with people who are connected with you only on Facebook. But sometimes it becomes frustrated for you when you get rid from the heavy news feeds and you want to stay away from the Facebook. So to overcome from the Facebook addiction you deactivate your account that means you can not contact to any of your Facebook friend.

But there are so many Facebook users still want to connected with Facebook family by messenger after deactivating the account. They do not want to use Facebook or don’t want to check News feed but it’ s is must to connect with friend for them. So here we prepare some guidelines that you can follow to use Facebook messenger without having Facebook account.

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Use these simple steps to use Facebook Messenger after quieting Facebook

So if you are fed up from Facebook and using it from many years, now you have more than enough posts on profile but still you can’t stop yourself from checking social networking site multiple times a day, So shut your account and just use messenger to interact with Facebook friends. If you are in confusion how to stay in touch with friend after shutting Facebook, Follow these steps to do just that.:

  • Open Facebook’s deactivate account page : Go to Settings < Security in the left column <Choose Deactivate your account < confirm
  • Ignore the photos of the people who are connected on Facebook and scroll to the bottom.
  • Choose option of can continue using Facebook Messenger even if you deactivate your account
  • I hope You didn’t checked it before and just leave it as is.
  • Scroll down and hit Deactivate.
  • Now your Facebook account will be deactivated
  • All your Facebook data will be safe until you’re ready to log in again.

Now just download the Facebook messenger on You smartphone or use the Messenger website yo login on your PC. You will be able to chat with all your Facebook friends after deactivating your Facebook account without any headache. Your old Facebook credentials still work for this.

So this is the easy way to contact your Fb friends without loosing any data and keep in touch with People. The people will be able to contact you via Your messenger I, they can’t show your Facebook feeds and pictures and you also just contact them without checking news feed.

If you don’t have a Facebook account yet and just want to use Messenger, follow these steps.

  • Download Facebook Messenger on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.
  • Open the app and enter your phone number.
  • Tap Continue.
  • You’ll get a code via SMS to confirm your number.
  • Once you’ve done that you can key in phone numbers of your friends and start messaging them

I hope you will like the tutorial, for more tech updates stay connected with

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