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This app Flaw Creates Backdoor for Hacking Millions of Android Phones

Backdoor for Hacking is left open because of some insecure apps. A recent study has found that 100 of Android apps on Google Play that help user connect to mobile / PC via Wi-Fi leave some ports open and poorly secured. Exposing the device to hackers this research was done by a group of researchers from the University of Michigan, who climbed at the most vulnerable among the lot comma is an app called Wi-Fi files transfer, that has many as 10 Millions Android downloads.

Apps that kept Connection Port Open Backdoor for Hacking

The researchers scanned  almost 100000 populous app on the Google Play, out of which 1632 app created open ports mostly to connect two PCS point out of this 410 apps had very weak to know security protection, and 57 apps specifically left port completely open for hackers to Tinker with point one of the apps that the researchers found to be particular dangerous as WiFi File Transfer that has garnered  almost done millions user download only Google play. It essentially lets you connect a PC to iPhone through and open port my WiFi, and has no password of fingerprint authentication to protect the users data. This means that if some unethical user gain access to this port,  Deccan also gain access to all sensitive data as well. This exploit enable hacker to steal data, including contact or photo or even install Malware.

Backdoor for Hacking Uses Wifi File transfer

Another apps with an authentication flaw was Android, and wired reports that the developers immediately fix the bug as soon as Michigan  researchers notified them. However, WiFi File Transfer app makers have failed to acknowledge till date. The full research paper details half a dozen more app including phone Pal and virtual USB that creates a back door for hackers to exploit.

The researchers says that the user at Google for that matter is quite helpless in this matter, and Developers will have to do a lot of work on their end to make this service more safe. For now, we recommend you to uninstall WiFi File Transfer another mention apps, and give priority to security over confidence.

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