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Twitch Live Streaming and Elgato Game Capture HD

In this article I have put down step by step configuration for Twitch live streaming. The interface MacOs and Windows are extremely same

Elgato Game Capture HD device is available for video capture and live streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Ustream,, Facebook and RTMP. The Elgato interface is same for MacOS and Windows OS plat form so this article may refer both OS user. We have cover how to do stream to Twitch account. other streaming services will remain identical for all.

First we start with Twitch Twitch sign up and login process.

Elgato Game Capture HD  has the Live Streaming section. Start the software fore setting up Live streaming configuration setup.

going forward for configuring Live streaming you need to have create Twitch Account or we can use you existing Twitch account if you already have it.  You can see the Plus + button next to account option Press it for account selecting Twitch account.

From the drop down options services select Twitch.

On next screen new window will appear, and give you an option to Log In to your Twitch account.

As I mention earlier If you already have a Twitch account, then enter your Username and Password.

After login Your app request for Authorize Game Capture HD to use your account. Press the Authorize button to continue. Detail permission list below the Authorize button as you can see in the below image.

If you do not already have a Twitch account, then press the Sign Up tab. select your preferred account detail and other information to complete signup process. You will then be able to select your Username and Password.

After signing up for a new Twitch account, app request for Authorize Game Capture HD to use your account. Press the Authorize button to continue. Detail permission list below the Authorize button as you can see in the below image.

Once you are authorized and logged in, your selected Twitch account will appear in the Live Streaming section of Elgato Game Capture HD.

Twitch – Server Selection

Now you are ready with your twitch account into Elgato Game Capture HD and the next step is selecting server. You will need to select a nearby server from the available server.  to configure server you will need to have Press the button on the bottom right part of the Live Streaming section to show the Settings.

According to your region you have to check the lowest latency server and same need to pick up for streaming. The latency numbers will change randomly it is not fix for all time. Usually Geographically nearest server will have lowest latency but this is not the always or thumb rule, You may found log distance server have the lowest latency depending on various factors.

In this example, San Francisco is the current location, and it has the lowest latency.  However, if another server has a lower latency for your area, you should choose it.

Twitch – Stream Bit Rate and Available Bandwidth

Now you all set for live streaming but before you start streaming, you can also adjust the bandwidth used to send data to Twitch.

As shown in below image its has there on Live Streaming section called Bit Rate dial.

This dial is move clock wise to increase Bit Rate move dial clock wise. Bit rate is require for make the video quality and frame rate sharper.

For setting up Resolution setting press the button on the bottom right part of the Live Streaming section to show the Settings again.

You have four choices for the Maximum Resolution:


In low Bit rate HD video quality is poor so you have to wisely select frame rate and bit rate. If you are using 720p or 1080p video, and you lower the Bit Rate a lot, Elgato Game Capture HD will switch the stream over to 480p. This is to maintain the highest visual quality for the chosen Bit Rate.

You can also choose the Frame Rate:

The frame rate can have one of two values:

30 fps
60 fps

Please Note – you cannot use a Bit Rate that is higher than your available Upload bandwidth. Your Upload speed is determined by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You may have 10 MBPS internet connection but your upload bandwidth always be at lower side like 10MBPS

Twitch – Archive Live Stream

If you want to save your streaming, the option available in the Live Streaming Settings, you can choose to Archive Live Stream Via Recording. It will be saved in the Edit section of the Elgato Game Capture HD software.

Twitch – Start Streaming

Once you have Done all the settings, entered your Twitch account, select low latency Server, then you can start Live Streaming.

Press the Stream button to Start and Stop streaming. When you start Live Streaming, the Stream button will become bright green.

Press Start Streaming, and your Live Gameplay will immediately start at the Twitch website.

To go to your Twitch stream, click on the Twitch logo next to the Stream button. Your custom Twitch page will open up in your default browser.

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